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Thank you for the great pickups! The pickguard with matched pickup is beautiful and sounds great. Thanks again and looking forward to getting a pair of Z-90's ...Nate Brown

Thanks again! Your Z90's have taken a nice guitar and turned it into something wonderful.
These are the best pickups I've ever heard...Steve Young

That Vintage Plus sounds GREAT...almost as bad-ass as your pickup in my other Esquire...but this guitar is the most rhythmic I have every heard...Tom Petty on steroids!...Johnny Cola, NY

Scott Walker Custom Guitar

Here's my custom Giffin guitar with Z-90's. I also installed 3 VP90s a couple of weeks ago and they sound fantastic! Just what I was looking for...Ron Marinelli

The Strat HHH is finally done. Three Z-90's,wired like a Strat with 5-way and blender pot. It sounds awesome! ...Steve Young

NICE! I was just playing this guitar this morning and enjoying the pickups...Henry Kaiser

Creston Lea Custom

William Kohler Guitar with real Abalone Z-90s

Esquire #1 with Vintage Plus pickup...John Cola

Scott, "Red" loves that Z-90. Amazingly quiet, especially when compared to real vintage Gibson P-90s. While Cris Mirabella builds unbelievable guitars, you are the friend I rely on for my pick-ups...Cal Lom

Thank you for the incredible pickguard assembly with the Super 90 Bridge pickup. I think it's the best sounding pick-up I have ever heard! On top of that, it balances so well with the Vintage Plus pickups in the neck and mid positions. Thanks again for the great products, customer support, and making my guitar sound way better than I can play...Pete Brown

This pickup is a real work of art, I just can't believe how rich sounding it is. I haven't had this much enjoyment out of just sitting playing for YEARS...Toby Van derPeer

Don Grosh with Z-90's

Gold PRS with Z-90's

Thinline with Vintage Plus & Super 90...Roger Minkema

I just got a guitar built for me by Bill Chapin. The tone of the neck Z90 alone is worth the price of the guitar - it's
HUGE! And the bridge for crunchy rhythm is insane. The Strat middle plus either or both of the Z90s sounds almost like a caricature of the biggest Strat-out-of-phase-on-steroids you ever heard.

I'm also using your VP90s on my '56 Reissue Les Paul, and your Classic Humbuckers on my Guild Starfire IV. Your pickups really made those guitars come alive. So consider me a happy customer, and keep making cool pickups...David Kelly

Tweedcaster with Chromotone and Vintage Plus

Handmade Tele Thinline by Roger Minkema

Toru Nittono 'Model T' Archtop with Classic Humbucker

I'm really knocked out by my Z-90s! They are powerful and clear, but very warm and rich. The best combination of warm and clean that I've ever heard...Henry Kaiser

I know you receive a lot of praise for your Z-90 flavor of pickups...just had 3 of them installed on my Tele. My luthier thought I was crazy until he heard the result. I haven't put the guitar down in days. Thanks again...Steve,Brooklyn NY

Mick Taylor's custom guitar with Classic Humbuckers.

Gatemouth Brown and his custom guitar with Classic Humbuckers

If you'd like to see your guitar featured here just email us some pictures and a bit of description and we'll put 'em up. If you sent in pictures over the last year or so and they're not up here, we probably lost them in one computer crash or another. Sorry about that, but please send them again.