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Endorsements...they said it, not us.

"First new advance in pickups in many years...incredible harmonic spread"
G.E. Smith/Saturday Night Live

"Breaks new ground in electric guitar pickups"
Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Actually, I use Z-90's in my own guitar"
A famous pickup maker you would recognize.

And Our Thanks To These...


•G.E. Smith/Saturday Night Live, Hall & Oates

•Neal Schon/Journey

•Chris Walla/Death Cab for Cutie

•Steve Hunter/Tracy Chapman, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper

•Jerry McGee/Elvis, The Ventures

Bunny Brunel/Chick Corea

•Zonder Kennedy/John Campbell

•Carmen Grillo/Tower Of Power

•Alan Mirikitani/Buddha Heads

•Dale Herr/Ike Turner

•Carlos Rios/Whitney Houston, Larry Carlton

•Al McKay/Earth, Wind and Fire

•Chris Ward Band/Super 90 Tele

•Story of the Year/Super 90 Tele

•Ben Fargen/Fargen amps

•Jim Estep/Kendrick amps

•Al Perkins/Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt

•Greg Harris/Flying Burrito Brothers

•The Nash Ramblers/Emmylou Harris

•Don Preston/George Harrison, Leon Russell

•Sato Fugimoto/David Bowie

•Monty Byrom/Big House, Eddie Money

•Bill Frisell

•Redd Volkaert/Merle Haggard

•Al Katz/Al gets the best tone out of a Tele I ever heard.

Coco Montoya

Buddy Whittington/John Mayall

David Torn

John Scofield

Magic Slim

Steve Kimock

Robert Junior Lockwood

Otis Rush

Steve Carr/Carr amps

The Blue Man Group

Jenny Day Band

Henry Kaiser

Jack Sherman/Red Hot Chile Peppers

Mark Karan

Ben Fargen/Fargen Amps

Gene Baker/Baker Guitars

Johnny Cola/The Outpatients

Mark Dziuba/Director Jazz Studies NYU

Enrico Crivellaro

Chris Siegmund/Siegmund Guitars

Scott Walker/Walker Guitars

Ron Thorn/Thorn Guitars


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