Tele Pickups
Pink Tele '50's Broadcaster

The ’50's Broadcaster pickup uses the important features of the original pickups; the aged, oversized, flush-set magnets and the steel baseplate. Combined with the special matte finished fiberglass bobbin to retain the vintage look.

The tone is loud and clear without any edgy or brittle character. This is the fine point of tonal balance that sets these apart from other aftermarket pickups which usually sound either too muffled or too piercing by comparison.This pickup can convert any decent Tele into a first-rate example of prime Vintage Tele tone. 54tele
"Smooth, clear vintage tone that's not harsh or brittle." User Comments
'50's Broadcaster (formerly '54 Special) Direct price is $110

A mighty nice note about
the '50's Broadcaster from Redd Volkaert.


What a nice match Scotty, you have beamed them up! Wow, they sound great. It's a perfect match for that guitar, I love 'em both. I played last weekend with that guitar and it ROCKS, I played it through a 67' Black Twin , a 58' Tweed Twin, and a custom made Tweed Twin with reverb and D120's, I like the sound best thru the 67', COUNTRYSASS! So thanks once more Scott, that's the second guitar you've saved for my big country-ass.

Thanks Again Scott,

blue pinetop tele Vintage Plus

These higher output pickups retain the basic Tele character, but with a bigger, deeper tone. These are richer and more expressive than other high-output pickups.

To avoid the "overwound" tone, we use exactly the same number of turns as our '54 pickups, with a specially designed magnet and pole piece assembly, carefully balanced to produce a warm, full tone.These are the pickups we supply to high-end guitar companies who specify an ”improved” Tele sound. The higher output is matched to our Vintage Plus neck pickup and also works well with humbuckers.They come in vintage black, white, pearl or tortoise top. Matching neck pickups available.
Vintage Plus Direct price is $110 for any color.
Picture Super 90

The ultimate power pickup for converting your Tele to a P-90 sound.The Gibson-style adjustable pole pieces and powerful P-90 magnet assembly combine to crank out a fat, crunchy tone from any Tele without modifying the guitar. This is THE rockin' pickup for Teles.

The high-output Super 90 combined with the vintage-type steel Tele bridge gives a great "Tele-Paul" tone, and with the later-style polished-chrome bridge, it's output is fully equal to a P-90! These are way too powerful to match with a wimpy stock type neck pickup pickup, use with our Vintage Plus neck pickup or a humbucker. super 90 tele black
Super 90 Direct price is $110 for any color
Tele Neck Pickups
Our newest pickup replaces the '54 Special neck pickup and retains some of the 'veiled' highs of old Tele pickups but with a higher output that's cleaner and brighter, and a wide dynamic response that's much more punchy and touch sensitive. It's a good match for our '50's Broadcaster bridge pickup and for most stock Tele bridge pickups. It's also available in aged nickle and gold.
Chromotone Tele Neck pickup Direct price is $110

The Super 90 Tele Neck
NEW Super 90 neck pickup.
A small P-90 in a Tele cover. High output with deep, rich bass and a punchy, expressive tone, without the flat, compressed sound of other high-output pickups.
Great match for the Super 90 or Vintage Plus bridge pickups. Like all of our pickups, these fit standard size pickguards and routing, and are hum-cancelling with our bridge pickups.
Super 90 Tele Neck pickup (formerly Super Chrome) Direct price is $100 for black or white add $5 for pearl, tortoise or chrome.

Vintage Plus
Our Vintage Plus neck pickups are designed to match the Vintage Plus bridge pickups. These pickups are based on a mini P-90 design to eliminate the weak point in the Tele sound, the neck and middle positions, by producing a bigger, harmonically responsive tone that has way more output, deeper bass and clearer treble than any of them sissy next-to-useless stock pickups

They come wrapped in hand formed plastic covers that look as cool as they sound, in black, white, tortoise, pearl or chrome to match your bridge pickup, or to match your pickguard for that super clean 'Esquire' look.

Vintage Plus Tele Neck pickups direct price is $100 for black or white add $5 for pearl, tortoise or chrome.
New! Mini-Strat Neck Pickup
“Send the demo back!? Yeah right. Hahahahahaha! No way you’re getting this puppy out of my guitar.”
 Exactly what many Tele players have always wanted, a Strat pickup that fits right in the neck slot of a Tele, without any modifications. Unlike full-size Strat pickups, the Mini-Strat pole pieces fit the Tele string spacing, and you don't have to modify the body or pickguard in any way.
The Mini-Strat pickup has exposed Alnico poles and a cool Tele-size strat cover (white, black, chrome, tortoise or pearl ) The latest Mini-Strats  are stamped "54" on the label and sound virtually identical to our '54 strat neck pickups...a smooth, bright, very amp-friendly 'Strat' sound for chording or solos, with a bit more output to match our '54 Special Tele bridge pickup. The 'middle' switch position is also pretty cool, a cross between a Strat and Tele sound.  It's as 'Stratty' as a Tele can get and sounds even better than most Stratocasters.

Direct price is $100 for black or white add $5 for pearl, tortoise or chrome.