"The best pickup I've ever heard" • Robben Ford

"What all Teles should have sounded like" • Tony Nobles / Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Those pickups that I put in my Tele KILL -- they totally transformed that guitar" • Bill Frisell

"First new advance in pickups in many years" • G.E. Smith

"Those pickups basically changed my life" • Carmen Grillo/Tower Of Power

"You should be very proud of these." • Some really great 335 player and his lawyer

"I just make what sounds good to me. I was lucky that the guys who can really play like 'em too." • Scott Petersen Harmonic Design

"Your pickups are unique and incredible. I'm thrilled to use them in my custom guitars" • Saul Koll Guitars


New Stuff Going On Around Here

The Infamous Banned Ad has been turned into a poster
Our snappy Hula Girl Poster was a big hit at the Harmonic Design NAMM Show booth. But after Vintage Guitar Magazine refused to run our Hula Girl ad, we decided to do the right thing to protect the general public - by running off a bunch more posters. Now everybody can have their very own extra slick 18x24 poster, printed on heavy stock. We can send one anywhere in the USA for $10 shipped (with or without a pickup order). If you're outside the USA the poster ships separately for $15.

The boys from Harmonic Design posing for the paparazzi at the Hula Girl Namm Booth

We are stocking all correct controls, switches, pickguards, etc. They're listed below the order form.

Brand spanking new SUPER 90 neck pickup for Teles.
High-output and fat, juicy tone with plenty of spank.
Perfect match for the Super 90 Tele bridge pickup in black, white, chrome, tortoise or pearloid.
Chromotone Tele neck pickup
A chrome Tele neck pickup that sounds great? They said it couldn't be done. Even WE said it.
But here it is, the CHROMOTONE!
Vintage Plus Dogear VP-90’s
Scott finally got around to working up a dogear version of the VP-90 for all your Les Paul Jrs,
ES-330's and such. Same price as soapbar style VP-90's.
We stock standard Tele pickguards, as well as routed for Z-90's and Humbuckers.
Mini-Strat Neck Pickup for Teles. Just another thing somebody should have invented a long time ago. The latest Mini-Strats sound virtually identical to our famous '54 Special Strat neck pickup. It's as 'Stratty' as a Tele can get and sounds better than most Stratocasters.
Our new and improved DOUBLE BLACK humbuckers are back
Aged Nickle parts. We can softly age our nickle parts (Chromotone, Super 90 Tele, Humbuckers, etc) to our velvet-smooth vintage luster at no extra charge.
Klotz Cables
These high-end cables actually sound better than the rest, or we wouldn't be carrying them.
Hey! Isn't that my man Otis Rush using Harmonic Design Classic Humbuckers?
Why yes, I believe it is. How cool is that? And here's a couple more blues guys using our stuff.

• John Scofield
• Magic Slim
• Robert Junior Lockwood
• Coco Montoya
• Buddy Whittington

Redd Volkaert, who plays his fanny off with Merle Haggard has been using Z-90's on his custom guitar for a while. Now he's also using the Mini-Strat neck pickup and a '50's Broadcaster bridge pickup on his workingman's Tele. And he said some real nice things about 'em too.

We're always happy to have some more good press.

    • In his 'Choosing a Pickup' article in Vintage Guitar magazine, Tony Nobles top rates the Harmonic Design Super 90 "Almost ideal, my favorite."

    • ToneQuest Magazine's cover story about Z-90's says, "The tone of these pickups is not to be believed."

    • Guitar Player magazine says,"The punchiest and most robust sounds were delivered by Harmonic Design Z-90 pickups."