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Cool Guitar Gallery #2

The Harmonic Design Chromotone pickup is the shiznit -- my search for the ultimate Telecaster neck pickup is over!...Al Kaatz

Junior with a Z-90, Strat with Harmonic Design Z-90 pickguard assembly.

I'm loving the clarity and range of these pickups. And your electronics in the guard are unusually useable; a lot of shades available with the passive mid-boost on the first knob and very useable treble roll-off on the last knob. I work all three knobs continuously...Scott Campbell

The pickups sound great, very clear, very strong. Just what I was looking for...Tim Burns

Steve Kimock's Cripe Custom with Z-90's

My 4th pickup from you guys and they're all great...Super 90, 54 Special, VP90 neck and now the glorious Z90 bridge. With the Z90, picking dynamics just jump from the guitar...Peter Clarke

Henry Kaiser's triple Z-90 guitar