Classic Humbucker installation notes

The neck and bridge pickups are labeled on the bottom side, and also have different string spacing.

USE 500K pots. Most late-model Gibsons already have 500K tone, but need the volume controls changed out to 500K. An approx. .02uf tone cap works well.

The usual Vintage type setup)-------------
Connection of the 3 conductor cable: OUTER SHIELD connects to GROUND.
WHITE connects to OUTPUT.
BLACK connects to GROUND.
GREY (tap) no connection.

For the standard humbucker installation, the grey wires are not connected.

For single-coil (tapped) operation, the grey wire can be connected to ground through a switch. The overall height of the pickup should be adjusted lower (from the strings) on the bass side, more so on the neck pickup (with the bridge pickup closer overall than the neck).
You can use scraps of foam under the pickups to dampen vibration, and to angle to top of the pickup, so that the bridge pickup is parallel to the strings, and the neck pickup is parallel to the neck.