Tele Pickup Install notes

NECK Pickups:
The pickups can be installed by mounting into the body, or the Pickguard. (The pickup baseplates are threaded.) Use rubber tubing over the screws, and/or foam to mount the pickup.

'54 SPECIAL Bridge Pickup:
The pickup's metal baseplate will ground the bridge through the mounting screws, no other ground connection is necessary. If there is a separate wire grounding the bridge plate, it should be disconnected when using this vintage-type pickup.

VINTAGE PLUS and SUPER 90 Bridge Pickups:
IF there is a ground wire already in place (connected to the bridge plate or it's mounting screws.) leave that ground wire in place.
IF there is no ground wire connecting to the bridge plate, one must be added.  Use a separate piece of wire connected from the 'ground' point for the controls  (usually the back of the volume control.) to the metal bridge plate. (The end of this wire is placed or taped between the bottom of bridge and the guitar.- not soldered to the bridge)


 BLACK wire connects to GROUND.   WHITE wire connects to OUTPUT. 
 CHROMOTONE pickups  have a 3rd wire (Grey) from the cover which is also connected to ground.

Do not remove or replace the connecting cable on any of these pickups.- We use our proprietary, low-noise, Teflon covered Silver cable. Other types of wire (including 'vintage' cloth .) is actually inferior.
 Harmonic Design pickups work well with the original volume and tone controls.-or, you can use any of these combinations- Each is one step brighter, and makes a small difference,-in all switch positions.
#1. 250k vol /250ktone, with .05uf tone cap        
#2  500k vol /  500k Tone, with  .02uf tone cap        
#3  1Meg vol +1000pf  cap. / 500k tone , with  .02uf tone cap.
We can  supply equalized volume and wider-range tone controls and complete wired control plates.
 '54 Special, Chromotone, etc: Use #1 for a 50's / Broadcaster tone, or #3 for a thinner and more steely  60's / Tele sound.

 V+ and  Super 90: Use #1 for  thicker/fatter tone, and #2 for a more open/bigger tone. (Recommended)

Tele bridge pickups are affected somewhat by the type of bridge plate used. The old-style stamped steel bridge plates have a more 'steely' tone, and somewhat lower output than new-style flat bridge plates made of non-magnetic material. The old style stamped bridge plates are part of the classic 'Tele' sound, although the '54 SPECIAL pickups are affected least by the type of bridge plate. The non-magnetic bridge plates can produce slightly more output and deeper bass from the SUPER 90 and VINTAGE PLUS pickups.

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