What's the output of these pickups in Ohms?

Ohmmeters are cheap and handy, but
(1) they cannot measure the output of a pickup
(2) the whole concept of predicting output/tone by the 'ohms' of various pickups is Bogus.

Anyone can show this by comparing the sound of traditional Gibson/Fender/Gretch pickups, with their meter readings.
You'll find that the tone/output of even the most common pickups is not consistent with ohmmeter readings. Some readings are exactly the opposite of what ohmmeter propaganda claims. High resistance readings don't always mean the pickup output is loud or dark, etc.

'Matching' or estimating output and tone from 'ohms' is exactly the same as trying to guess at the sound of a speaker by it's 8 ohm rating. Ohmmeters can't measure output, only resistance, and that has very little to do with the sound.

The sound of a guitar pickup is a complex blend of many factors, most of them interactive. There's way too much going on to predict tone or output just by comparing ohms or magnet types, and even then, only when comparing identical pickups.

So, there's just not much info available here about magnets or ohms, since trying to predict the output or tonal possibilities between different pickup brands and models just doesn't work that way. Instead, on our website we try to give a description of the sound compared to a standard pickups, along with responses from customers who've actually used the particular pickup.